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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Babes, I have a problem. I have a serial addiction to subscription boxes. Specifically the vegan beauty kind. I want to try all of them. Glowing Beets box is next! And Goddess Provisions! I'm always trying to justify this obsession. "It's okay, I'm a blogger! This will give me something to blog about. It's content for my blog", I say to myself as I nod my head & continue in my self-delusion & refusal to stop this subscription box frenzy. Yeah well, ya know. What's a blogger girl to do?

In March, I stopped my Petit Vour subscription, which I had had for over a year, & I switched over to LaRitzy. Petit Vour was getting a bit old for me & I was tired of having lots of little samples all over the place, instead of nice, full-size products. I knew I would enjoy the boxes more if I had more full-size items & less samples in wee containers. So for just $10 more than the Petit Vour box, I subscribed to LaRitzy. Check out their website for subscription details:

Last week, I received my April LaRitzy box, & oh gaawwwwd! I was so impressed this month! I'm still giddy about it. When you are committed to not only vegan but also natural beauty products, finding good, quality products is like finding your long lost love. It's like, "I have found you, you're an angel!" (reference from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. Comment if you love this musical!). If you're a green beauty vegan, you understand this feeling of overwhelm & gratitude when you find something A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Hyperventilating is not a strange reaction at all. ;)

Just look at these products! The variety was very good this month. I am very impressed with LaRitzy. For just $25 a month, these items are a steal! The retail value of April's box is $75. That's a $50 discount, & you aren't charged for shipping. Not bad, LaRitzy, not bad! Here is what was in my box:

Organic Desert Date Oil by Toogga - $19 value
I haven't tried this out yet, but I wanted to see what it smelled like, & it's actually quite nice. It's a very nutty scent, which I kind of like, surprisingly. It's rich in antioxidants so I'm sure my skin will just eat it up. And it doesn't have to be limited to skincare. You can also use this in your hair. I love multiple use products.

Eyeshadow Brush by Modern Minerals - $12 value
If you've read some of my other beauty blog posts here, you will probably remember how much I love brushes! You can never have too many. I don't own any of Modern Minerals brushes, so we'll see how it works out for me in the future. But one thing I immediately noticed was how soft the brush is, which is especially nice when you are applying makeup to your sensitive eye areas. All of their brushes are synthetic & hypo-allergenic. No animal fur here!

Pearlies by LEO&GOA - $5 value
I think it's really cool how much attention oil pulling is getting. I have been pulling for a year now, & my teeth are getting whiter & whiter. My teeth are also not as sensitive as they used to be. This product uses coconut oil & an essential oil mix. I couldn't find what essential oils they use, so I am curious to find out when I try this. This is an exclusive sample from the box, as the company has not launched the product yet, so it's kind of fun to try out the product before the launch. If you don't want to spend the money on these sachets, though, you could just use some organic coconut oil alone & you will see benefits. However, adding essential oils has amazing benefits.

Vegocentric Organic Lipsticks by Lippy Girl - $23 value
Any box that comes with lipstick is a good box! Aside from my sub box obsession, lipstick is one of my longest love affairs with cosmetics. I actually discovered Lippy Girl through Petit Vour, & I have really liked the quality of this brand ever since. The lipstick has a very nice consistency & wears long. It's become a very popular lipstick brand in the vegan beauty community. I received the color Coral Me Maybe. It's the perfect color, just in time for summer.

Solid Perfume by Glow For A Cause - $16
I had to save the best for last. :) THIS is an amazing product in more ways than one. Let me begin with the obvious reasons. 1. It smells fucking incredible. I received the scent Innocence, which kind of smells like Lush's bath bomb Sex Bomb. Need I say more? I apply this stuff multiple times throughout the day, not because I need to but because I like to. It's just so lovely! My love has been complimenting me on how I've smelt the last few days. He'll come home, give me a big hug & kiss & say, "Wow, you smell amazing! What are you wearing?" To which I reply, "Oh, I'm not wearing anything. I naturally secrete this magical scent from my pores, because I'm a unicorn." Well, that's what I want to say. ;) 2. It comes in solid form. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but when I spritz perfume, I feel like I am wasting so much of it & I end of dancing around like a lunatic, trying to catch all of the mist. I love rubbing this perfume into my skin, & I can do so without a worry because it's naturally-based & I'm not rubbing harmful chemicals into my skin. 3. It gives back. When you make a purchase on their website (btw, I will link everything at the end of my blog post) you can pick from multiple foundations & charities, & 5% of that purchase will be donated to your chosen foundation. Who doesn't love a company that gives back? I am definitely going to be making a purchase from Glow For A Cause in the near future.

I give LaRitzy box a 4.7 rating out of 5.

The price is really fair, the variety has been very well-balanced, & they are partnering with some really amazing vegan brands & bringing you exclusive products. Finding green beauty products can be hard, so subscription boxes are a cool, easy way to be introduced to different brands, for a discounted price. Just don't blame me if you become obsessed with them once you try them. ;)

Q: What subscription boxes are you subscribed to or have tried/liked in the past?

Links for products:
- Organic Desert Date Oil by Toogga
- Eyeshadow Brush by Modern Minerals
- Pearlies by LEO&GOA 
- Vegocentric Organic Lipsticks by Lippy Girl in Coral Me Maybe
- Solid Perfume by Glow For A Cause in Innocence

Kate x
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  1. I dont have subscription to any of the beauty boxes. This one seems nice. And looks like u got some nice stuff in there. Really like the color of the lipstick. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. Hi Ambi! Thank you so much for reading! Yes, let's absolutely follow each other! I hope you have a lovely day!

      Kate x


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